5 TED talks I keep returning to

TED is the very essence of why I feel so lucky living in the digital age – a bottomless source of ideas, inspiration and wisdom, accessible and free. Here are 5 classic TED talks that you might already be familiar with, that I keep returning to over and over again. Enjoy!

Which is your favourite TED talk? Please leave a comment!

Brené Brown, researcher and storyteller, talks about vulnerability. When I have recommended this talk to friends, they either respond somehting like “That was nice, I suppose, but nothing special” or they buy all her books, and start referring to her in every conversation. What about you?

Ken Robinson, author specialized in education and creativity, talks about finding your passion.

3. Ruth Chang, philosopher and researcher, talks about making desicions.

4. Pico Iyer, novelist and essayist, mainly known for his travel writing, talks about the importance of travelling nowhere.

5. Elizabeth Gilbert, the autor of Eat Pray Love, talks about the concept of creativity, and how to relate to it.


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