Budget Sunday on Montjuïc – art and climbing

Since a couple of my none-Swedish speaking friends here in Barcelona have hinted that they are interested in reading my Barcelona Budget Diary posts, but not interested enough to start learning Swedish in order to do it – this part of the blog will now be in English.

The rules for the blog are easy – I search for fun, interesting or just “better than sitting at home”-activities to do in Barcelona and surroundings with a budget on between 0 and 10 euros.

The first Sunday of the month you can visit most museums in Barcelona for free, so today I decided to have a look at the current photo exhibition in MNAC, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Until 25th May, they are showing the iconic Catalan photographer Joan Colom’s photo’s from the streets of Barcelona, from the 50’s until now, so there are more possibilities if you want to go and see it for free. It’s well worth a visit. Read more about the exhibition here

One of the more well-kept secrets of Montjuïc is La Caseta del Migdia, the outdoors restaurant at Mirador del Migdia. They serve barbecue plates for 12 euros, but that’s not within the budget for this project, so I had a coke and some olives for 3 euros instead, which, together with the sun and the view felt like quite well spent money. Read more about La Caseta, and how to find it here


A not at all secret place, at least not for climbers, is the climbing tunnel La Fuixarda, at the foot of Montjuïc. It’s free, so perfect for a budget Sunday. Bring your climbing shoes if you have, or do as I do and tie your Converse’s a bit tighter, and that will do just fine. Also the complete climbing beginner can have some fun in the tunnel. You can stay less than a meter above the ground (anyone that knows me, understand the importance of that), and try to climb your way from one end of the tunnel to the other.


La Fuixarda is a bit tricky to find, but walk from the Placa Espanya/MNAC part of Monjuïc to Poble Espanyol. After passing Poble Espanyol you will see a small playground, take left there and you’ll see it down to the right. There is an almost understandable map in this blogpost

Total cost of the day: 3 euros for a coke and some olives at La Caseta


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